Released Music

David Posso’s original musical expressions are inspired by no one particular style, but rather by an inclusive combination of the wonderful music he has lived, breathed and enjoyed throughout his 25 years of life. Vibrant rhythms which resonate from his Latin heritage, soulful crooners from the days of old, the unapologetic, deliberate flows of reverent Hip-Hop preservationists, and the heart strumming delight encountered through the music of Johnnyswim, Leon Bridges, Mali Music & Jason Mraz.

His original recordings are intentionally characterized by uninhibited authenticity and a sincere desire to honor and relate the emotions which accompanied the original musical idea in the moment of its inception.

His long-awaited début EP is an exploration of the concepts encountered within a significant relationship with another. The promise of a new dream, the pain of realization, the finality of a separation, and the allure of the unknown. These themes are all honestly examined, recounted and arranged on his début EP, Concepts.